Ragan Fox (ragan) wrote in foxandthecity,
Ragan Fox

that time of the month

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It's the start of the month. This means that PodcastAlley has
reset the votes and I NEED YOUR HELP. So do the Williams sisters, as
a loyal fan has promised to pay for their gender re-assignment surgery if you VOTE for Fox and the

Okie dokie, so, here's the deal: podcastalley is the hub of podcast
directories. Each month they rank podcasts based on the number of
votes each podcast receives. At the end of the month, each podcast
starts over on the vote-o-meter. Now that we're at August 1, it would
mean a lot to me if you took two seconds out of your day and voted for
my shit. The voting system
requires you to enter your email address and then go to your email and
click on a link to verify that you are in fact the owner of the email
address. The more votes I receive, the more exposure the podcast

Go to http://podcastalley.com/one_vote2.php?pod_id=3875 and
click on "Vote now!" Enter your email address. Then you'll have to
confirm your email.


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